5 thoughts on “Can Lao Fengxiang’s golden neck link be broken? Can I repair it?”

  1. Generally, it can be repaired, but there are also a few breaks that cannot be repaired. You need to cut the next section to repair it. For details, you need to consult the craftsman.

  2. Gold warranty method:
    1. Maintenance period to repair:
    If the gold necklace is not too much, you can go to the store for repair.
    2. Go to the gold shop for repair:
    It long, you can choose to go to the gold shop to repair it.
    3. Welded by yourself:
    If you don’t mind the beauty, you can repair it yourself, or find a fitter and a clever person, but it is difficult to achieve the quality. But the welding gold necklace can be seen. If the welding is not polished and polished, it will be black.
    4. Chain of the same quality:
    If you care about the beauty, it is recommended to change the same weight, which one you can buy can be exchanged, or you can get it in the store. But it is best to look at them how to get it, so as not to reduce the weight of the gold or add something else.

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