3 thoughts on “Colleagues are planning to leave. What are the appropriate gifts to be given to each other?”

  1. Colleagues are planning to leave. What are the appropriate gifts to be given to each other? So, what are the gifts suitable for colleagues?
    It as shown in Figure
    The food: Everyone will not resist the food, and if you can bring some foods that can be preserved for a period of time, you will definitely be welcomed, especially the flavor snacks brought from his hometown. For example, the spicy tofu in Hunan, the lamp and shadow beef in Sichuan, or the mother -made fish fishes, etc., which are cheap and practical, not only satisfy everyone's appetite, but also enhance their feelings, which will be very popular. Otherwise, local tea, teapots, handicrafts, or a box of carefully packaged chocolate is also a good choice.
    as shown in Figure
    Wine: Chinese wine culture is long. Although colleagues do not need to give any valuable wines, a bottle of beautiful red wine or fashionable fruit wine will make your colleagues feel your mellow friendship.
    Health gifts: For those who are sitting in the office, the cervical lumbar spine is easy to have problems. If the relationship is very good, it is better to send a colleague's neck pillow or cushion, which is also very warm. The office crowd to eat a fast food at noon, which may be uneven nutrition. Therefore, it is also necessary to supplement some diversified vitamins. Now the various types of vitamins on the market are not expensive, and they can be given a gift. In addition, the winter is dry and cold, most of the office doors and windows are closed, and the air is turbid. If a small air fresh machine or humidifier is given, it is also generous and intimate.
    Small and exquisite plants: Put it on the opponent's desk as a decoration. Such as opening bamboo, fortune tree, Brazilian iron tree, etc. are bright colors and flower -rich flowers and trees. Fairy palm can also adsorb radiation, suitable for people who work next to the computer. It can also bring green and vitality to the working environment.
    In stationery gifts: such as phase frame, disassembly knife, watch, dictionary, a pair of book clamps, new calculators, desk calendars, special pen holders, etc.
    Books and albums: Buy according to the hobby of the other party.
    Music belt or laser record: There are music suitable for enjoying in the car.
    others: a lunch box with a thermal insulation effect is suitable for colleagues who bring lunch.
    as shown in

  2. If a colleague intends to leave, you can give colleagues some chocolate as a gift. Because chocolate price is not expensive, and it is very suitable as a gift. And colleagues will feel very sweet when eating chocolate, and think of you.

  3. Cups, notebooks, pens, folders, briefcases, these are helpful for colleagues afterwards. Let him think of you when you see the gift. Don't forget the friendship.

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