1 thought on “How does a diamond ring become a symbol of weddings around the world?”

  1. Since the Roman era, jewelry was not only used by men to express love to fiancee, but also regarded as the best testimony to express kindness to the woman’s father. In the West, jewelry was initially just a simple metal ring, but it already contains the symbolic meaning of eternal and infinite cycle. The ring is often worn on the ring finger of the left hand, because the ancient Greek believers believe that there is a veins of love called
    vena amoris
    directly on the left hand.
    Over time, the engagement ring began to be inlaid with gems, not only because of gem value, but also because the gem has rich symbolic significance: Ruby represents enthusiasm or anger; sapphire represents innocence; emerald gemstone represents loyalty. Diamonds represent long -lasting love.
    . More than a hundred years ago, with the discovery and mining of South African diamonds, diamond wedding rings gradually became popular.
    1947 The famous cursor “Diamonds are long and long, a forever legend”, making the diamond ring a standard for engagement rings.
    In Western traditions, the man will propose to the woman with a diamond ring. In the early days, the man had to get the woman’s father’s consent to get married; now, people pay more attention to romantic proposal methods. There was a man proposed to his girlfriend on a rainy day, and he secretly hid the ring in the umbrella. The woman opened the umbrella, and the ring box fell down. The man said in the trend, “Let’s get married!” The woman was very moved and tears on the spot. Many people like to propose in the charming sunset; some men hide the proposal ring in flowers, champagne and chocolate, bringing infinite surprises to the woman.
    The diamonds are unique, so men must choose a suitable bride, and diamonds within the budget range become very difficult. I proposed to the woman with a diamond ring. Although she could surprise the woman, she also put a lot of pressure on the man. But this is an unforgettable marriage ceremony.
    The diamond wedding ring is not only dazzling, but the man’s love for the woman every day shines, but also represents a promise of love than Jin Jian, a lifetime and common commitment.
    The is happy to explain the 4C standard for you: color, clarity, cutting and carat weight. In fact, you can ask jewelry dealers to provide the best diamond samples of different C standards, such as colorless diamonds, so as to determine which C’s characteristics are the most important.

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