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  1. The preservation of gold is very popular with gold jewelry. So how to buy gold jewelry and identify authenticity? You must know that choosing gold jewelry that suits you is also a science. Let's take a look at the four major precautions of buying gold jewelry together! First, how to buy gold jewelry to master the appraisal method. At first glance, the color and luster, red yellow is a good product; two look at the density, about 19.32 grams/cubic centimeter is pure gold or more pure gold; the third view of the hardness, the high -quality gold nails can leave traces; the four look at the bend folding The higher the gold jewelry with higher color, the softer, the curved will have wrinkles, and those with more impurities are easy to break. "" "Click to enter the rich -white 18K gold diamond women's ring second. How to buy gold jewelry should pay attention to the outer form. Pure gold jewelry is easy to deform, and it must be deforming the overall shape. The texture of the surface of the gold jewelry cannot be ignored. You must choose the jewelry with clear surfaces, good brightness, and uniform texture. When buying, you should also pay attention to whether the edges of the jewelry are smooth, and good jewelry workmanship is very fine. Third, how to buy gold jewelry should be based on your face and hand shape. When selecting the necklace eard ring, you should follow your face shape. The oval face is ideal, and it is almost a variety of styles. The round face is suitable for long earrings, and the necklace should not be too short. The square face is suitable for oval earrings. The long necklace will make the face softer. Choose the bracelet to determine according to the thickness of the wrist. The space of the bracelet with thin wrists is relatively large. If the wrist is thicker, you should choose a unique and individual bracelet to divert the attention of people. Fourth, how to buy gold jewelry, pay attention to your daily dress and frequent occasions. Gold jewelry must be matched with clothing occasions to achieve good results. If the necklace is embellished with necklaces without collars, it is more beautiful to wear earrings in collars. However, the current gold jewelry design is more inclined to youth, integrate more design elements, and more versatile. Seeing here, I believe you already know how to buy gold jewelry. I also have to emphasize it. You must wear it yourself. You can only see the effect if you wear it. Edit: Wang Nihang

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