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  1. Gold Market
    (Gold Market) is a trading center for the concentrated gold trading and sales of buyers and sellers to provide time -period and forward transactions. It allows traders to conduct physical transactions or option futures transactions. Important part of the financial market system.
    With the development of the currency system, gold has gradually lost the currency function of trading medium and value measurement scale, but still maintains certain monetary characteristics in terms of international trade, international debt and debt clearing, and international reserves.
    1. The division of the role and scale according to the gold market can be divided into: dominant market and regional market.
    The dominant gold market refers to the gold trading market with international concentration, and its price level and transaction volume have a great impact on other markets. The most important are the gold markets in London, Zurich, New York, Chicago and Hong Kong.
    The regional market refers to a market with a limited scale and concentrated in a certain area, and it has a small impact on other markets. The need for gold transactions, its radiation and influence are relatively limited. Such as Tokyo, Paris, Frankfurt Gold Market, etc.
    2. Different transaction types and transaction methods can be divided into: spot trading market and futures trading market.
    The gold spot transactions are basically the right -term transaction, which is delivered after the transaction or within two days. The main targets are gold bars, gold ingots and gold coins, and jewelry, etc., and jewelry.
    The main purpose of the gold futures transaction is to preserve the duration, which is supplemented by spot transactions. After the transaction, it is not delivered. The two parties will sign the contract first, deliver the deposit, and then settle on the scheduled date. The main advantage is that it can master a large amount of futures with a small amount of funds, and pass the price of the contract in advance, which has a leverage. Futures contracts can be realized on any business day and are liquid; they also buy and settle at any time, have great elasticity; they can also choose different commission forms in use, and they can be set up between different markets. Flexibility, etc.
    only the gold market in the world is only spot transactions, and some are only futures transactions, but most of them are existing futures and spot transactions.
    3. Divided into a fixed place can be divided into: invisible gold market and tangible gold market.
    The invisible gold trading market mainly refers to the gold market without special trading venues. Local London Invisible Market.
    Copher gold market mainly refers to the market for gold transactions in a fixed place. Among them, they can be divided into gold markets with special independent gold trading venues and gold markets located within the commodity exchange. The New York Gold Market in the Exchange (COMEX) is located in the Chicago Gold Market on the Chicago Commodity Exchange (IMM) and the Winnibal Gold Market in the Canadian Wimnen Commodity Exchange.
    4. The division of transaction control can be divided into: free trading, restricting trading market and domestic trading market.
    The free trading market refers to the gold market that can be freely exported in gold, and both residents and non -residents can freely buy and sell, such as Zurich's gold market.
    The restricted trading market refers to a market that is controlled by gold exports and only allows non -residents and does not allow residents to freely buy and sell gold. This mainly refers to the gold market of foreign exchange control countries. For example, in October 1979 Previous London Gold Market.
    The domestic trading market refers to the prohibition of gold and exports, which only allows residents, not allowed non -residents to buy and sell gold markets, such as the Paris gold market.
    The gold miniaturization transactions in the gold market have developed rapidly. Various solid gold forms are diverse, and the number is light, which greatly facilitates small funds to invest in gold. The transaction methods of the gold market are also diversified, such as gold coupons and vouchers, which actually represents the trend of gold trading vouchers.
    In general, the establishment and development of the gold market requires certain conditions, such as:
    (1) The country or region needs developed economic conditions and a complete credit system; 2) The country or region must implement a free foreign exchange system, allowing gold freely to buy and sell and get in and out;
    (3) At the same time, it also needs a sound legal foundation, stable political and economic environment;
    (4) Good good Software and hardware environment, development of transportation, and improvement of infrastructure.

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