3 thoughts on “How to make a gift box yourself simple”

  1. There are various cartons, cardboard

    This is a pity

    . Let's help the carton to transform it

    -color paper alien gift box

    Thec color paper decoration of a alien box, decorative, making gift boxes not only beautiful but also creative.

    . Unlike the past, only packaging paper packaging.

    milk bottle gift box

    The hard paper board storage box

    Clash cosmetics skin care products will definitely have large and small boxes A lot of use ~

    It can be made into various cute small storage boxes. Various small items are clearly classified, and you no longer have to go to the drawer to find it.

    The skin care products can be tidy neatly, and you must be beautiful every day ~

    icated as long as you spend a little care and small creativity, the makeup box can be made into it. A birthday gift ~

    In some card paper to be decorated on the skin care box, and a gift is completed ~

    Let them hide in the cosmetics box and let the friends open a surprise ~

    D origami small gift box

    relatively simple box styles, cover the size when the lid is made, You can

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  2. How to make a gift box by yourself? Simple gift boxes, you can do pasta in a class, if you have n’t learned pasta, you ca n’t do it yourself. You have to ask about it, what about the cake master?

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