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  1. The size of the necklace length
    The size of the necklace length. Now every woman basically has a lot of various decorations, such as sunglasses, earrings, necklaces, etc., which are necessary decorations for many women. To set off your beauty, the icing on the cake is the best choice. Today we will talk about the necklace and take a look at the size of the necklace.
    The size of the necklace length. 1 necklace as a jewelry, more and more is loved by consumers. It not only has the effect of matching clothes, makes clothes look more appropriate, but also can be used in various occasions on various occasions , Even as a symbol of identity.

    The necklace has become more and more popular. Whether it is men or women, more and more people wear it. And with the development of the times, the classification of necklaces is also more and more. Not only is the division of gold and silver, the big family of necklaces has continuously incorporated more new members in the process of development. In addition, in addition to paying attention to whether it is true, whether it is beautiful, or not with its own style, the most important thing is whether its length is moderate.

    For the necklace, which is too long or too short, it is not appropriate to wear it. It will have adverse effects. So, for the necklace, how long is the most suitable length?

    For people of different gender, according to different physical characteristics, the length of the necklace is also different. Generally speaking, for the length of the male necklace, there are generally three specifications: 18 inches and about 46cm are trumpets. Necklace; 20 -inch is about 50cm. However, the necklace that is close to the position of the collarbone is generally the most often selected length. The third specification is the position of the droop to the chest. Its specifications are about 60cm.
    Pets suitable for necklaces of different specifications, as well as clothing and place where wearing are different. For example, the length of about 30 cm is close to the neck position. Come with the evening dress, the most common 41 cm long necklace, this length is suitable for all people, and can match all the clothes, what occasion is also possible.
    has longer necklaces, which are generally paired with pendants, which are often called sweater chains, suitable for clothes such as sweaters.
    The length of the necklace length 2 necklace length is suitable
    1. Women with shorter neck If your neck is short, you can choose to wear about 60cm necklaces in length, or 45cm -60cm phase phase The stacked emerald bead skewers, so that the neck can be extended to improve the temperament. Do not choose those necklaces that are thicker and wide.
    2. Women with long neck If your neck is longer, it is more suitable for wearing short emerald necklaces, that is, about 40cm emerald necklace, so the bottom of the necklace is just near the collarbone, it seems to seem Even more charm.
    . Under normal circumstances, the 16 -inch necklace is like a collar, which is perfectly surrounded by the root of the neck. Now most of the necklaces have this size size. Space.
    The 4 and 18 -inch necklaces are the most popular size among women's models, and its drooping point is just under the throat. For women with tall figures, wearing this size necklace will have a similar collar effect.
    5, 20 inch necklaces droop to slightly lower than the collarbone position, giving people a more comfortable breathing space. Many women prefer this length of the necklace to wear them in business or casual clothing.
    What is the length of the general necklace
    1. Short necklace size: 14 inches, 30cm
    This length is generally called short necklace, also called card neck chain and collar. The ministry is more suitable for people with long faces. While emphasizing the beautiful lines of the neck, it also sets off the face shape more round and full.
    2. Colcopea chain Size: 16-18 inches, 40-45cm
    This length is generally called the clavicle chain, also known as the graduation chain, princess necklace. A perfect arc shape looks very delicate and intellectual.
    3. Opera chain size: 20-24 inches, 50-60cm
    This length is generally called an opera chain, also called morning clothing necklace, Marcini necklace, which is more suitable for round faces or necks. So the slender woman, the length of the opera chain naturally hangs above the chest, visually reaching the stretching effect, making the face and neck look more well -proportioned.
    4. The size of the princess chain: 30-33 inches, 76-82cm
    The length is just in the position of our belly button, and it can also be used by two or three laps as the princess chain. Visual layered sense, showing luxury and elegant temperament. It can also set off the beautiful curve of the body. It is suitable for attending various dinner activities. It is very temperamental with long skirts and evening dresses.

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