5 thoughts on “Tmall buying gold necklace rings or the like ... Is it reliable? I was worried that I spent thousands of yuan to get a fake guy!”

  1. Tmall usually has genuine guarantees. If you are still afraid of fake goods, then you can choose to disassemble in front of the courier, and then leave his fingerprints in one place of the jewelry, and then take the jewelry store to identify Essence Essence Go to large. Essence Otherwise, it may make people lose their bags. Essence If it is fake, you can use that photo as evidence to return the goods. Essence Hope

  2. You still go to the professional gold shop. If you have an invoice, you can clean it for free, warranty, and you can change the old new. The most important thing will not be sold in the future. You have to buy the invoice. Someone bought it online before. Be careful. O (o_∩) o asked praise

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