2 thoughts on “What are the romantic sentences of diamonds and love?

  1. 1. I will hold your hand and grow old with you.
    2, I love you, want to be with you.
    3, your bottle cap will be twisted in the future.
    4, I like what I like.
    5, remember what I look like, and this life I love you.
    6, can you laugh at it? My coffee does not add sugar.
    7, love you forever.
    8. I want you to be mad in my life and be my mixed demon king.
    9. Because of you, my world is wonderful!
    10, because of care, it is particularly passive.
    11. If you come, spring can be used.

  2. Diamond ring represents eternal love, and I will always love you. That shining may not be diamonds, but your eyes. My love for you is the unchanged of Hailu Stone, such as diamonds.

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