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  1. First, prepare the required materials
    . Cut the toothpaste box into the appearance of the figure below
    . The edge of the above piece of the above piece of double -sided glue is folded down and sticky.
    . Use the cuts of the cuts to make the head and tail of the car. The wheel axis, insert into the wheel of a car in the rubber puree.
    6. Then the two pairs of wheels made with transparent adhesion to the body.
    7. Products

    Extended data
    If you like it, you can also paint the finished product you like. Waste paper or carton can be made into a variety of things. According to your own capacity, the waste carton can be made into a trash can with different capacity. monotonous.
    The hardness of the carton is relatively high, and the cardboard box of the same size can be made into a drawer storage box, which can be placed in small miscellaneous objects, or baby's toys.

  2. Recycling the common empty carton in life, you can make a variety of creative place boxes.

    1, empty paper box production box

    Boxes (such as: canned boxes, moon cake boxes, biscuits boxes, toothpaste boxes, etc.), pattern packaging paper, English newspaper, cardboard (for internal increase thickness).

    a to make the tissue carton, the size is in line with the use of debris such as old tapes.

    B, a long shape of toothpaste box, packaged in English newspapers, plus inner boxes can be used as a pen box. Sealing method.

    c, cosmetics and other boxes such as cosmetics, rectangular boxes with long rectangles, add 2 drawers as internal boxes, you can make jewelry boxes, you can make jewelry boxes You can store small accessories such as earrings and necklaces.

    d, 3 empty aluminum foil bags, cut the mouth of the box to wash, dry it, and paste each other into one. Place on the desktop as stationery box. Essence

    2, handmade jewelry boxes

    n The jewelry box looks very creative and exquisite. Its predecessor is just a milk box that has finished drinking!

    Pre -prepared materials: calf box, good -looking packaging paper, a small section of paper vine, pearl board, corrugated cardboard.

    1. Treasure the milk bottle mouth, fold the four sides of the milk box to the side pressure into the above modeling.

    #p ## E#

    2, the growth strip of favorite packaging paper is pasted on each side.

    3, drawing the size of the box, cut out the square box
    n n

    4. Add a song of a song pearl board to the lid.


    The material you need to prepare for this pen holder: empty potato can, color packaging paper

    a, there will The upper part of the half is covered at the bottom and decorated, which is an elegant place.

    B, the lower half is originally a complete cylinder can, just packaged, that is, it becomes a pen holder.

    4, handmade vertical shelf

    4, retaining the original shape of the milk box, stacked Start up the stand.

    DIY production required materials required:

    4 long milk boxes, packaging paper, photos glue.

    1, first remove the bottom of the milk box as the basic part of the shelf.

    2, obliquely cut milk box, and fold it into a triangle, as shown in the figure.

    3, the completed triangle is used as the base of the shelf, which can make the overall slightly oblique, facilitate the storage of items, and not scattered.

    4. After packing the bottom sitting and three basic shapes, it will be stacked one by one to make great achievements.

    #p ## E#
    5, natural, rough, primitive creative CD frame. Materials that need to be prepared by making this creative work: the corrugated cardboard of the waste carton (if the thickness is not enough, you can use two layers or add a hard cardboard to increase the solidity) and branches.

    Manual production method: · Cut the two -sided corrugated cardboard, cut out 1.5cm wide cuts, and then insert the tree branch adjustment angle, CD frame Yi Ke is completed.

    · cd inserted the incision on both sides horizontally, and the album name is out in order to find it. 6. Handmade bookshelf

    is still using these abandoned empty cartons and cartons to make unique and practical handmade book shelf shelf. It looks good!手工制作需要准备的材料:纸箱或纸盒)约可放杂志、书报的大小)、挂历纸及英文报(包装用)1、裁切出简单大方的造型, 贴上英文报包装, 即是Practical and full -scale book shelf.

    2, oblique in the cardboard box, draw arc -shaped into a fan -shaped, plus recycling paper such as monthly calendar paper, slightly a little bit, slightly a little After decorating, a strong, durable and environmentally friendly book and newspaper clip, they made great achievements.

    7, colorful animal storage box, handmade production boxes full of fun, to see the cute works below, which can be used to storage children’s children’s Toy, stationery, socks and other small items. Materials that need to be prepared for this storage box: waste carton, decorative paper

    1, the original as the waste carton, it is best to choose The shape of the rectangular and thickness is thicker.

    2, cut the carton into trapezoids as the basic architecture of the lion.

    · Paste the lion's face. Use the sheet of paper materials to draw the lion shape-to complete the work.

    · The box looks like the box is opened.

    It you can also design an animal shape you like and create a cute animal set box. 🙂

    #p ## E#
    8, the production method of environmental gift boxes is a very money -saving and environmentally friendly gift box.

    Preparing materials: milk box (long or small and small), packaging paper, glue (or double -sided glue).

    · Folding method. After removing the bottle mouth, draw a folding line with a pen on the milk box.

    ·· After the package ...


    2, auxiliary knife with a ruler, draw a crease gently on the folding line.

    3, according to the original cracked cracked, pinch out the diagonal angle.

    4, folding four diagonal angles, fix it by rotation.

    5, spread the paper surface with your fingers, and sort out the shape of the petals.

    6, the folding shape is as shown in the figure, but it is not completed. Fold the shape to avoid wrinkles from the outer grid.

    7. First, the original folding shape is expanded, paste the surface with the packaging paper, and the upper and lower must be reserved about 4cm.

    8. Cut the opening into four pieces and fold it inward to the flat sticker.

    #p ## E#
    9. The method of general packaging gift boxes will be folded at the bottom of the paper. Can fold the exquisite gift box 9. Environmental protection vase production-creation paper vase flexibly uses milk boxes and folds into beautiful flower wares. Preparation materials: paper long milk box, packaging paper.

    1. After the bottle mouth is removed, the folding line is drawn on the milk bottle with a pen, and the cuts are drawn with a blade (for reference Environmental protection gift box steps 1, 2.)

    2, 2 sides of the milk box, and the straight line creases at the bottom.


    5, this is a folding shape, but it must be spread out again, and then fold it again after the packaging. All right. Now you have learned a lot of paper box transformation. You can get a lot of money this time.

  3. Tools/raw materials
    packaging paper, pulling hands, old carton box

    first bonding the waste paper box into a box shape, finding the box bonding as a box as a drawer. The basics after the basics are as shown in Figure

    In a larger framework, which is slightly larger than the box, because it is wrapped in the box outside the box for a fixed role.

    This the box in fix it. Seeing that it has been formed,

    In the appropriate packaging paper to pack all the cabinets and drawers.

    The next step is to put the drawer with beautiful handle

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