5 thoughts on “What gift is good for the first time to get?

  1. In fact, it is not the main thing to send things. People want to see you. Gifts, as long as it is not too stingy, for example, buying some longan, honey or something, about fifty or sixty dollars is enough. The key is to be diligent. Uncle and aunt shout constantly. If you want to live, you can do something to help. For example, help to arrange the dining table. In the kitchen, ask if you want to help. What you do, but what should be asked. After dinner, you have to help clean up. Then look at TV or something. Note that the instrument is generous, don't talk too much, otherwise people will think you are not stable enough. I have dinner for about 40 minutes, or you have to leave before 9 pm. Don't stay too late. Thank you for your hospitality when you leave. It's about so much, haha, I wish you good luck!

  2. 1. Send two couple scarves worn by middle -aged people, send a basket of fruits, and the supermarkets have packaged equipment.
    2, send a massage device and other fitness equipment, the price is not too expensive, about 200 yuan. R. R. R. n3, send some health products.
    The key is to be intimate. It feels good for the first feeling. The elder does not necessarily need to send you what you give. The key is to bring it.

  3. Since it is the official seeing a girl's parents, it should be taken seriously.
    can buy a flower basket, choose flower lily and the like. Then ask the girl what her parents like. Of course it is. Of course, it is. No cigarettes are popular now. Smoke is not good for your body, and you will hurt your body if you drink too much. If the other parent is good, then send the wine. I think the other parents should feel that this boy is very careful.
    is just personal opinion, haha! Hope you can be good.
    It parents are very picky. If he doesn't see you, you will send gold bars, and they will not like it!

  4. If you are going to your girlfriend's house for the first time, then ask your girlfriend, her parents' preferences. Generally, cigarettes, alcohol, fruits, gift packs and the like, these are enough.

  5. The flowers must not work. The elderly are practical. It is much better to buy a good coat and electric blanket, but the personal hobbies are different. I have to ask your girlfriend.

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