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  1. According to the literature records, the earliest use of the ring is the tragic hero of Greece -the bound Prometheus. In order to punish Provence to humans, Zeus tied him on the Mount Kokusuz. Every day, a eagle flew to the mountain, pecking his internal organs, and at night, the organs he lost will grow again. come out. Later, Herighelis killed the eagle and rescued him. The chain that originally tied him into his ring was turned into his ring. Later, the ring represents the meaning of maintaining each other, so as early as the ancient Roman era, wearing a ring became a way for men and women to commit each other.
    The circular shape of the wedding ring symbolizes life and eternity, and the reason why the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger is because the Egyptians believe that the blood of this finger can be directly connected to the atrium, which can reach the place where the love is in charge of love. Because the ancient Romans believed that the ring finger was guarded by the sun god Apollo, so wearing a ring on the ring finger, especially the diamond ring with the sun, can strengthen love and make love last long.
    The token of public announcement of the marriage alliance, the ring of the ancient Roman period was just a simple iron ring. At the second century, people began to use precious metal gold to make rings. Later, due to the use of ancient Rome's customs, the wedding ring became an indispensable love token in the wedding and continued to this day.
    Prior to the fifteenth century, only monarchs could wear diamond jewelry. The wedding rings of rich people were inlaid with gems. It wasn't until the fifteenth century that diamond became a symbol of a signs of marriage that the diamond ring became part of the wedding ceremony.
    For the origin of the wedding ring, the statement of China is: In ancient times, the king spoiled the concubine, so she gave her a silver ring -making voucher. When she gave birth to the child, replaced it with a gold ring. Later, ordinary people also used the rings as a certificate of marriage and gradually evolved into a wedding ring.

  2. In 1477, the Austrian Emperor Maxim I gave a diamond ring to his fiancee Princess Mary, who put the diamond ring on the princess's ring finger. According to the legend of the ancient Egyptians, there is a vein of love directly to the heart. The romantic tradition of the presented diamond ring has passed down. The ancient Roman man first sent a ring to the future wife to propose. This type of ring is made of iron, and the pattern on the ring is holding each other with a man and a woman. Later, they used gold and low -grade gems to cast or carved into reliefs. Usually there were Greek "Omonia", which means: harmony. In the next seven hundred years, this Xi has continued. In France, the ring is replaced by "Bonne Foi"; in Italy, the word "FEDE" is replaced by the ring. Later, some patterns on the ring were twisted steel cables, woven into braids, or hit the same knot, which symbolized the firmness of marriage. Since the seventh century, the Europeans believe that the ring has connected the two in love. A typical Byzantine antique ring, carved a couple with relief to stand together, facing Christ, representing the blessing. The wedding ring at that time was strong, and the ring occupied a very important position in the marriage ceremony.

  3. Why do the wedding ring stay at this finger? This is the truth ....
    a wonderful physiological phenomenon
    1, first extend your hands, bend the middle finger down, and rely on each other. The middle section of the back is against the back.
    2, and then touch the other four fingers fingertips.
    3, before the topic of the start of the game, please make sure that in the following process, 5 fingers allow only one opponent to separate. Let ’s start the top of the game.
    4, please open your big mother's finger. The big mother's finger represents our parents and can open it. Everyone will have old and sick, and parents will leave us one day.
    5, please close the big mother's finger, open the finger, the index finger represents the brothers and sisters, they will also have their own family, and they will leave us.
    6, please close the index finger, and then open the little mother's finger. The mother's finger represents the children. When the children grow up, one day, one day, there will be their own family life, and they will leave us.
    7, then, please close the mother's finger, and then try to open the ring finger. At this time, everyone would be surprised to find out that the ring finger could not be opened, because the unknown refers to the husband and wife, which was not separated for a lifetime. Real love, after sticking together, is inseparable from eternal life and eternal life

  4. Time will let you understand love, time can prove love, and can also overthrow love. No sadness cannot be reduced by time.
    If time cannot make you forget those who should not remember, what does it mean to lose the years?
    It if all sorrows, pains, and failures are fake, how good should it be? Unfortunately, there are many false feelings in the world, my pain, failure, and sadness

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