2 thoughts on “Where is the gold jewelry recycling in Harbin?”

  1. Both gold and silver recycling stores or pawn banks can be used. Harbin should have a lot of these stores. It is recommended that you first check the current gold recovery price. You can go to the molecular jewelry network. This website has the knowledge of gold recovery quotes and gold recovery. You can refer to their recycling quotes, why?
    1. Because many recycling merchants now report high prices, attract people to the door, and then use the secret box operation, such as deduction weight, saying that your golden jewelry is wearing for so long, how much grams of wear. Generally around 0.1 grams; 2. Their website will update the gold recovery quotation daily. Why should it be updated daily? Because the recovery price is linked to the price of gold transactions, the recovery price fluctuates daily. It is the day that it has reference value.
    3, there are many gold recycling knowledge on the website. You can take a look and give yourself to popularize your knowledge. After all, it is not a bad thing.
    4. Their recycling price is marked directly according to the electronic brand price of the Shanghai Gold Exchange, which has reference significance.

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