One thought on “Why don't diamond ring choose broken diamonds?

  1. Not preserving.
    The broken diamonds are not broken diamonds, nor the corners of the diamond, but a diamond with a head of less than 10, so it is also complete. Like the whole drill, the broken drill consists of three parts: the crown, the waist, and the pavilion. Except for less than 1 point, most of the broken diamonds include 57 noodles including countertops, kite face -to -face, and star noodles.
    Diamond ring precautions
    Note quality. What needs to be known to choose a diamond ring is that the better the quality of the quality, the more pleasant, the high -quality diamonds should be selected as much as possible. The quality of the precepts mainly depends on whether the surface is smooth and the details of the burrs during the creation process.
    Note the process. Different in setting processes directly affects the firmness of diamonds. Generally speaking, invisible inlay is prone to diamond falling incidents. Classic six -claw -type inlay is recognized as inlaid process. As for whether to choose a diamond ring or group inlaid, it depends on personal preference.

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