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  1. If you are gold, it is still good. The main advantage of Zhou Dasheng's brand is diamonds, and Chow Tai Fook's main advantage is gold. Zhou Dafu's style is novel and unique, with high texture, but the price is more expensive. Therefore, when choosing, it is best to choose with your preferences and economic conditions. Do not compare and follow the trend. Buy inappropriate products.
    The differences between Zhou Dafu and Chow Tai Sheng
    1. Different brands
    The Zhou Dafu is the largest jewelry company listed in Hong Kong. It has a long history and quality assurance.
    Zhou Dasheng is a jewelry brand in Shenzhen. Compared with Zhou Dafu, the brand has a short time.
    2. Different development direction
    The weekly blessing starts with gold, so it is more confident in the gold jewelry, but now it is a comprehensive development of jewelry, so Chow Tai Fook will also be a wedding ring.
    The Zhou Dasheng itself is to start a diamond. The familiarity with the wedding ring is higher. Diamonds are provided by Daibirs and have a better purity.
    3, brand awareness
    Early earlier in the Chinese market in China, and has a long history, so the brand awareness is higher and the market awareness is better. Customers recognize their brand value.
    Zhou Dasheng's rise rapidly, but compared with, the brand's popularity may be slightly lower than Zhou Dafu.
    4, styling
    Weekly Fuxi pays attention to craftsmanship, the style is variable, the ring style is rich, and it looks good.
    The weekly Dasheng pays more attention to new product development and star endorsements, with a trendy style.
    5, the price is different
    The Zhou Dafu because the brand is large and the process is better, so the ring price is slightly higher.
    The weekly price is relatively cost -effective.
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