How do you fix your hair

1. Special glue for hair extensions

Unlike previous temporary hair extensions, the current hair extensions do not attach artificial wigs to the roots of real hair with special glue at the scalp, but directly to the ends of real hair, thus the effect is more natural and lasting.

Bonding is a technique in which tiny strands of hair (about 50 strands per strand) are bonded to the roots of the same amount of real hair with special glue. The specific operation is to apply a special polymer material to the original hair ends, and then the hair to be attached to the tool pinch, the adhesive quickly solidified, a tall hair. For a natural and realistic look, only about 10 strands of hair can be attached at a time. In general, hair extension manufacturer normally divide the whole head of hair into about 300 strands and lengthen them one by one, which takes 7 to 8 hours. However, thinner hair is divided into additional strands with fewer hairs per share. The original adhesive material is based on keratin, which holds the hair in place while keeping it moving and natural. But AT THE SAME TIME THIS KIND OF TECHNOLOGY IS EASY TO LET ONESELF HAIR AND THE HAIR THAT CONNECT KNOT IN THE PLACE THAT STICK, AND BECAUSE IT IS GLUE STICKY TYPE, SO HAIR IS ALSO MORE SERIOUS, WILL NOT USE THIS KIND OF HAIR EXTENSION BUNDLE GENERALLY AT PRESENT.

c1f79f1aedd5885ef045369f778912552. The most commonly used button hair extension bundle

The button is a kind of iron ring, put a willow wig in the iron ring, lift their real hair and then tighten with pliers. The real hair is connected together, and does not fall off, if you want to get rid of the words, with pliers to cut off the iron ring. The amount of each connection is the same as above!!!! It depends on your situation. This hair extension is the most common one in use, it is more stable than the above one, and relatively fewer damaging to the hair. ​But at the same time, I also want to do a decent job of washing hair. It is not convenient, sleep not stable psychological preparation.

Are hair extensions harmful to your body?​
Hair grafting is not harmful to the body as long as it is properly cared for, but attention should be paid to daily maintenance. ​Overly short hair girls do not recommend hair extensions, so as not to cause scalp friction and so on.

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