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How to care for bracelets? Keep these details in mind: the more you wear it, the better

  • by huanggs

The maintenance of bracelets should start from the details, don't rush to do it. Only by doing these little things can you prevent the bracelet from fading or deteriorating.

1: Maintenance methods of bracelets

Bracelet is a kind of jewelry easily affected by the outside world, so the maintenance method is also very important. The first thing to do is to make sure your bracelet isn't contaminated with any corrosive substances. Secondly, in the wearing process should try to keep dry and clean, do not use any solvent soak or smear it. Finally, to keep the bracelets beautiful, dress them up with different colors, patterns and patterns. This is a personalized circle photo bracelet. In addition, if the bracelet has been damaged or badly damaged, it should be replaced or repaired at the repair shop in time to avoid new damage or loss. For some common causes of color loss :1. Chemical composition: Bracelets contaminated with many chemicals can cause discoloration; 2. Temperature change: Wearing bracelets in cold weather is easy to fade; 3. Excessive friction: when the bracelet is in contact with the skin, the greater the pressure, the more obvious the deformation, resulting in the loss of color uniformity; 4. Wear and tear: Small damage caused by long-term friction will also cause the bracelet to turn yellow and discolored. Suggestions on how to choose the right way of protection :1. There is no special requirement for the bracelet itself, and you can do no protective measures in general. But if you want to keep your beautiful jewelry for a long time, you need to use proper antioxidants.

2: Several common fading causes and solutions

1. Maintenance methods of bracelets: In daily life, if you find any problems or are unsure, you can consult a professional for help. 2. Several common fading causes and solutions: for bracelets that are easy to fade, they are generally caused by oxidation. To avoid oxidation, it is recommended to dry the surface of the bracelet with a soft towel before putting it on, or gently wipe it with a water-free cotton pad. Also, be careful not to leave the bracelet in direct sunlight or at high temperatures, which can aggravate oxidation. 3. Advice on how to choose the right way of protection for yourself: Different materials and styles of bracelets, the texture is not the same. Therefore, when buying bracelets, be sure to decide whether you need to wear any brand of products according to your skin condition.

3. How do I recommend to choose the protection method that suits me

If you want to protect your bracelet from fading, the best way is to choose a protection that works for you. There are three different types of protection available depending on the situation :1. During normal use, it can be cleaned and polished to keep it bright. 2. If the bracelet has been worn or scratched for a long time, it should be replaced with a new bracelet in time to avoid further damage to more ornaments. 3. When there is a crack on the bracelet, it should be repaired by a professional as soon as possible, otherwise it will cause more damage to the bracelet. In short, no matter which way all need regular maintenance to ensure no problem to wear out again.

In short, if you want to extend the life of your bracelet, take good care of it. They are vulnerable and require special care.

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