How does the monitor work with solar panels?

Installing solar panels for monitoring is a great way to reduce energy bills and emissions. Although the panels are not removable, they do not require routine care. Whether you're looking for a security camera that can get to a difficult area or you want an eco-friendly option, solar security cameras are a good choice. But the question many people have before they even consider buying a solar security camera is "How do I know if my panels will work properly after installation?" So you can make the right decisions for your safety needs.

What is solar monitoring?

Solar safety cameras, also commonly known as solar panel safety monitors, harness the sun's energy to power compatible monitors.

How do solar surveillance cameras work?

The solar-powered surveillance camera uses solar panels and 6mm2 solar cable to harness sunlight and convert it into direct current (DC) electricity. The inverter then converts direct current to alternating current (AC), which can then be used to power solar monitoring.

bf7644e6c82ed4f4730bb8a0cabb3a99What happens when it's raining or cloudy - do solar surveillance cameras work?

Most solar cameras are also equipped with an alternative or backup power source, usually a rechargeable battery. The solar panels not only power the security cameras, but also charge the batteries. When there is no direct sunlight (i.e., at night or on rainy days), the solar-powered security cameras will be powered by rechargeable batteries. As soon as there is direct sunlight, the battery will start to charge.

Benefits of solar surveillance cameras

The main advantage of solar surveillance cameras is that the solar panels charge the battery-powered cameras, creating a renewable power source. While a Wi-Fi connection is required, the cameras can be used in hard-to-access areas of the home, such as rooftops. For places where wired security systems are not suitable, solar security surveillance cameras offer a reliable security system option without the hassle and extra expense of running a cable.

Wireless Solutions
Built-in battery charging
Easy installation, no installation cost
Easy to track private property
The scalable solution can be easily adjusted to meet your future needs - as many solar panels as possible can be added as a power source for the camera.​
Environmentally friendly

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