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Brushing your teeth is always bleeding gums. What is going on? I heard that thorn pear can be relieved, is it?

5 thoughts on “Brushing your teeth is always bleeding gums. What is going on? I heard that thorn pear can be relieved, is it?”

  1. 1. What is the problem of brushing bleeding
    1. Gingival inflammation
    Mathers with gum inflammation, most of the gums are fragile. When this type of patient is brushed, the gums are easily stimulated by bristles. And damage and bleeding. This situation must be relieved by healing gingivitis. Otherwise, the gums will continue to bleed, and the symptoms will gradually intensify.
    2. A decrease in platelets
    Is when the blood plates of the body are reduced, gum bleeding is prone to. This gum bleeding is generally more than bleeding, the blood is difficult to solidify, and the amount of bleeding is relatively large. In this case, it is best to go to the hospital for blood routine examinations in time, and leukemia will also cause platelets to reduce platelets, so it is best to pay attention to treatment in time.
    3. Too much dental stones
    It for a long time without washing your teeth, or if you brush your teeth, you will be too much. When there are too many dental stones, the falling stones will affect the gums and cause bleeding in the gums. This symptoms are usually occurred when washing teeth. Therefore, patients can regularly go to the hospital to wash their teeth for treatment, which can effectively ensure oral hygiene.
    . How to relieve brushing bleeding
    . Use ginger toothpaste
    Chide has a strong anti -inflammatory effect, and can also antioxidant. Patients can mix ginger and toothpaste together, and then use it with it, then use it with it. This toothpaste is brushed. This toothpaste can effectively maintain the gums, and can also assist in treating gum inflammation. It can be relieved by long -term insisting on gum bleeding.
    2. Eat more cucumber
    The vitamin content of cucumbers is relatively abundant, and it also contains a lot of trace elements. People with bleeding gums can effectively promote the body's self -healing ability and improve immunity. If you don't want to eat cucumber directly, you can also squeeze the cucumber into juice and contain your mouth.

  2. There are several reasons for gums when brushing: first, gingivitis, which is caused by the stimulation of dental and soft dirt, causing gingivitis and gum bleeding. Generally speaking, the best way to treat gingivitis is to brush your teeth. Second, once gingivitis is not valued, periodontitis will be formed. In the early days of periodontitis, tooth should be cleaned as soon as possible. If the early treatment is not good, a deep peripheral pocket will be formed, which will cause alveolar bone absorption and cause the teeth to loosen. Third, some people's teeth look clean, but they will bleed when brushing their teeth every morning, so it is necessary to consider the problem of blood system, such as coagulation dysfunction, platelet reduction, hemophilia, etc.

    How to relieve gum bleeding
    1. If gum bleeding occurs when brushing your teeth, it is likely that the hair of the toothbrush is too hard. Check it. If so, just change the toothbrush.
    2. It may also be some diseases of the teeth. This is best to go to dental check, such as dental caries, gingivitis, etc. If not, think about other methods.
    3. If you usually bite the apple to eat hard things, the gums bleed, check whether the teeth are shaken, whether the teeth are shaking, if not, the second step of the second experience, check the gum problem. If there is no problem, eat less hard in the future.
    4. If you get up every morning, you feel bleeding in your mouth. If you think about it, if you have corrected these problems, if you do n’t return to the second step of the second step to see. If gingivitis is fine, you should pay attention to the medical examination at this time to see if it is the cause of a systemic disease. Some gum bleeding indicates that the body is seriously ill.
    5. If the gum bleeding that is inexplicable at no time, no time, and the environment, this situation is rare. Go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination. Where is the lower body, where is weak.

  3. Bleeding gum bleeding is a symptom, which is an analogy to cough. It is a manifestation of different diseases. Therefore, the first step must be found to find the cause of bleeding gums. Most of the patients who come to the clinic due to bleeding gums are basically caused by gingivitis or periodontitis. The most fundamental factor of gingivitis and periodontitis is the accumulation of plaque, that is, the teeth are relatively dirty, with a lot of tartar and dental stones on it. The mechanical stimulus of toothy and dental stones will compress the gum tissue that is very soft and easy to damage, and it is easy to bleed. At the same time, because the plaque and further pile of dental stones are a collection of many bacteria. The structure of these bacteria itself and the toxins it produce will act on its neighboring gum tissue and make gums inflammation. The inflamed gum tissue can be swollen and blood, which is very prone to bleeding, which is most of the cause of gum bleeding. In addition to this more popular reasons, it will also occur in systemic diseases. For example, blood -related blood diseases, leukemia, platelet reduction, and reduced coagulation function, which will make gums more likely to bleed. For these reasons, detailed examinations must be performed in regular hospitals to find the cause to solve the problem.

  4. Can't relieve! There are always three reasons for brushing gum bleeding; first, gums are inflammatory, and brushing teeth when periodontitis and gingivitis are prone to bleeding. The second is the problem of toothbrush, the gum bleeding caused by the toothbrush hair is too strong or the toothbrush is not standard. The third is to take antipolyblate drugs such as Aspirin for a long time. Most of them have inflammation of the gums. Of course, if you think your toothbrush is wrong, you need to replace it in time. Especially those who take Aspirin drugs, if you always bleed gums, you must pay attention to it, it is best to go to the hospital for treatment and inquiry.

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