4 thoughts on “What are the good recommendations for giving birth to people? What are the good recommendations of you?”

  1. First, Starry Boltan Starry Starry Lollipop is the hands of the two sisters of the two sisters of the creative candy. One day in 2012, they produced this top ten planet lollipops. Since then, this planet storm has swept the world. The ingenious candy makes everyone happy. Not only look good, it is really delicious.
    . The three brothers of Calbee French fries are said to be the best fries in Japan, none of them. Because the machine producing this fries is very expensive, few people produce. The three brothers have been on the TV countless TVs, recommended by many people, and the packaging is really cute.
    . The drunken jelly innovative avant -garde, the tide enough jelly wine, the perfect fusion of vodka with the jelly, the part of the party It is not possible, not only can be eaten directly, but also can be used for bartending. The party brings it, it is cool enough! Although the jelly is good, don't be greedy, it will really be drunk ....... It will be drunk, jelly! How can you be so beautiful!
    . There is such a provocative words in the impression of Crayon Shin -new PP milk pudding: Why not be convinced? Can you bite my ass? Seeing this snack can finally refute domineering: you can bite your "ass"! Watching this big fart Xiao Luo was also drunk ~ Come! Fight a great battle! Bite off the small PP of Crayon Shin -new.
    . Twizzler's twisted sugar Twizzlers will not be unfamiliar with students who like to watch American dramas. Many American dramas or movies have its figure. I really want to eat, but I do n’t know where it is sacred, so anxious, right? It's time to know now. Twizzler is a small snack that everyone loves to love by everyone. Therefore, its cooler way of eating is: after drinking it with it, chew it again.
    6. Harry Potter Strange Telled Doudou Harry Potter's original candy has 638 flavors. Although there are not so many in reality, there are many tastes, and the taste is full of mobility! Ingredients, dog food, socks, vomiting ... I can't look directly! Intersection In order to develop these strange tastes, the researchers are also fighting! There is a flavor turntable in the packaging. Playing the board game with it to bring it on it. Those who are really adventurous are weak!
    7. Royce chocolate potato chips When chocolate encounters potato chips, what does it taste like? Let Royce chocolate potato chips tell you! The fragrant potato chips are wrapped in a layer of sweet chocolate, and they feel curious when they think about it.
    . The beautiful cherry blossoms of the cherry butter are crispy Cookie, with a faint flavor, mixed with the strong aroma of eggs and butter, and the crispy taste, leaving infinite reveries.
    , diamond ring sugar to see When the color is so beautiful, the taste is clear and not sweet. It is covered on the fingers, like a large diamond. It is full of childhood.

  2. Three squirrel snacks, marshmallow, dried fruit, jelly, Wangzi small steamed buns, various dessert biscuits, or chocolate, are suitable for giving away snacks, high value.

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