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Who knows what is the price of gold in Hefei now?

How much is the price of gold in Hefei?

4 thoughts on “Who knows what is the price of gold in Hefei now?”

  1. Hefei 100, the inside of the Anhui business capital is like Lao Fengxiang. Old temple. At present, the prices of Mingpai and other gold prices are 268 per grams, and the thousand -foot gold process is 278 per gram
    It other shopping malls in Hefei, but some products are sold according to the precision process or items. The price is different.

  2. Halo, the price of gold is said upstairs, the gold jewelry also has more handmade fee and style design fee. Taking Zhou Dafu as an example, the better style that sells a little is about 300. Go to the jewelry shop and ask. If you do n’t pursue the style, I recommend Lao Fengxiang or Lao Temple, all of which are Shanghai old names. The same gold is much affordable.

  3. The price of gold often changes. If you want to buy it, go to Pedestrian Street Lao Fengxiang to see the price of the big LED every day. Now the price is not always good, and the international gold price is so popular.

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