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How much is a heavy tank semi truck How to pick the right tank semi tru

  • by huanggs

Abstract: Tank semi trailer used for transportation of oil, concrete and other materials, is a common transport vehicle. Its price is more costly, according to the parameters, manufacturers, commonly in the appearance of 9-100 thousand yuan to more than one hundred thousand yuan. In the selection of tank semi-trailer, we should pay attention to the comprehensive consideration of freight demand, manufacturer qualification, parameter performance, cost performance, safety, after-sales service and other aspects, choose the appropriate semi-trailer. Let's learn more about Semi Trailer price.

How often is a heavy tank semi-trailer?​

Tank semi-trailer is the structure of the tank structure of the cargo parts, mainly used for the transport of liquids, bulk materials and bulk cement, etc., heavy tank semi-trailer load capacity is stronger, so how much is the price of a heavy tank semi-trailer?

​Broadly speaking, the price of the tank semi-trailer is not fixed and unified, and its price varies according to various parameters, including tire number, load, front suspension radius, payload, shaft moment, speed, shape size, etc., In addition, the manufacturer of the semi-trailer will also affect its price. ​Typically a heavy tank semi trailer, its price is normally nine, one hundred thousand yuan to more than one hundred thousand yuan a car.

f6754ffe29d6b421544ed21083e47ec8Semi-trailer is commonly used to pull goods. In the choice of tank semi-trailer, we should pay attention to the actual need to choose the right model, the following tiny make-up for you to sort out some semi-trailer selection factors to consider:

1, requirements,

Including the main pull of what goods, the weight of the goods is how numerous, frequently walk road conditions and other needs to choose to consider, do not blindly follow the crowd, according to their own needs and future judgment shall prevail.

2. Manufacturer qualification

When choosing a semi-trailer, it is necessary to consider the qualification of the manufacturer. Is it a public notice enterprise in the country? What is the qualification? How can the company provide a high performance and high quality semi truck to the user? All these things have to be considered.

3. Parameter performance

The main body of the weight, bearing capacity, traction, size, speed, excellent performance semi trailer can improve freight efficiency.

4. Cost Performance

Buy semi-trailer is mainly to pull goods run transportation, of course, to choose cost-effective vehicles, reduce costs and improve earnings.

5. Safety

Tank semi-trailer is commonly used to transport oil, concrete, cement and other materials, and itself is relatively heavy, therefore safety is also a top priority.

6. After-sales service

After-sales service can be done, timely in place to solve the problem, the user will rest assured.

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